Immigration Approval

Hooray! We are officially approved by US Citizenship and Immigration Services to adopt up to 2 children, male/female, ages 0-3. I can’t even tell you how exciting this is!

Immigration Approval

Immigration Approval

Funny Side Story – On the day of our Immigration Appointment JC was turned away from his fingerprinting. The guard took one look at JC’s hands, stamped his paperwork and said, “We will see you in two weeks.” JC was shocked. The straight faced, no emotion guard then explained that if you have cuts on your fingers you can’t get your prints taken. He explained to us that the prints will comeback as unacceptable and the process will be delayed.  Please note – JC had not just one, but two cuts on two different fingers from doing repairs on my car the week before.

JC was so bummed. He started picking at the cuts, trying to remove the dead skin around them. I started to get upset – thinking he was going to make it worse and delay the process further. JC even went out to the car and put lotion on his hands, hoping that it would help diminish the appearance of the cuts. After several minutes of picking and moisturizing JC went back to the guard and showed him his hands again. The guard wouldn’t even look at them. He sternly asked why JC was trying so hard to fix the cuts (ummm, because we don’t want to drive back here), and told him once again that he would see him in two weeks.

Needless to say, JC went back – his fingers healed and he had his prints taken! So we are officially approved by Immigration to adopt! :)

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2 Responses to Immigration Approval

  1. shiree Conklin says:

    That is WONDERFUL!!!! God is good all the time!!!

  2. Gaye Nelson says:

    Great news kids. Love you

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