Adoption hiatus, officially over…


Please, please accept our apology. After some serious adoption fundraising/planning we basically went on an adoption hiatus. That’s right, after all the work and planning that went into our adoption fundraiser we flat out needed a break. But now we are back, and writing a long overdue post.

Adoption DinnerIf you haven’t already heard the good news – our international adoption is FULLY FUNDED! Yep, you heard right, FULLY FUNDED! Between the ticket/table sales, raffle sales, silent auction and generous donations of so many we don’t need another dime. Oh, I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this feels. Knowing that as soon as we are matched with our child/ren we are able to leave and get them, immediately, no burden of finances, no need to raise more money before moving forward and finalizing the adoption. This feels so great. We praise God. We are truly beside ourselves with praise and gratitude.

Our hearts were touched by the outpour of love and support shown by so many the night of our fundraiser. Looking around the room we saw faces of people who love us, love our child and support adoption. Everything about it was beautiful.

As I think about my child, thinking how they may even now be experiencing moments of desperate loneliness, feelings of being unwanted or unloved –  I just can’t wait to show them the picture of the fundraiser. A night fueled by love and full of people who love them and worked together to bring them home. Talk about a beautiful story of redemption! I can’t wait to add the pictures of that night to their baby book – showing them just how loved they were from the start.

Thank you all. Your generosity is humbling and has touched us beyond words. Thank you for being a part of something so beautiful. Thank you for helping create one less orphan. Thank you for helping us reach our child. We love you and we thank you.

I don’t know how I didn’t cry throughout the event – but it all came out about an hour after everyone left. Breakdown mode. I’m talking convulsing, bugger filled, sloppy tears of joy. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable I made the sweet high school student (who had volunteered at the event) feel as I cried on his shoulder. Haha, oh well, it was bound to happen.

In Him,
Leslie and JC

Real 5

Real 4

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3 Responses to Adoption hiatus, officially over…

  1. Margie Padelford says:

    Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus! <

  2. Joyce and Bill Hutty says:

    I am so glad to hear that you are ready to go! Can not wait to meet the little one or two. Love to you both!!

  3. Peter Sseeggembe says:

    Hi JC and Leslie,
    When will you be in Uganda? Looking forward to rejoice with you and the child/children.

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