Hope in the Darkness

Grace and Peace.

We realize 2014 has been pretty silent on the adoption website front. We apologize for the radio-silence. It has not been a result of apathy, but some tragic events that have transpired. So if we have seemed distant when you ask us about the adoption please be patient with us, we are hurting. We appreciate the fact you care, but there is an inside hurt to unbearable to speak.

Our journey has turned, shifted, and all but been pulled out from under us. To be honest it breaks my heart to even replay the events of the past 6 months. I don’t think I have enough tears left to rehash it again, so I won’t.

If you want to know the details of what happened, who Mckenzie is, and how our journey has turned, check out my podcast here . In that I discuss all the difficult details and how we are feeling.

As far as moving forward we are at a stand still. Our agency has suspended adoptions from Uganda and we must make a decision to transition to another country soon. There are a lot of different variables in the mix and we still don’t really know which one to pick, if any.

For me (JC) the lyrics of Mumford and Sons have echoed in my ears for the past few months:

Give me hope in the darkness when I can’t see the light,
because oh it gave me such a fright,
but I will hold on as long as you like,
just promise me we’ll be alright.

So thanks for your prayers, thanks for understanding, and thanks for taking this journey with us.

In Him,
JC and Leslie

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2 Responses to Hope in the Darkness

  1. alexsis says:

    Hi Leslie! I’m another adoptive mama that just happened to come across your blog. I sent you a message using my hubby’s facebook since I am not on facebook. It should come up in the other category under your messages. Just wanted to send some love and prayers from one adoptive mama to another. We too left the hospital empty handed on Jan. 14, 2014. God is good and you are right at the center of HIS plan for you. Keep heart and trust that God will bring you your breakthrough. You already have the mama’s heart and HE will deliver you your baby=) Prayers upon prayers! ~alexsis

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