We have exciting news, and it’s long overdue. We are expecting!

We have exciting news, and it’s long overdue. We are expecting!
JC and I are beyond thrilled to announce that we are 18 weeks pregnant, with a little girl – due January 5th, 2015. Who knows if she will arrive on that date, but 1/5/15 does have a beautiful ring to it.
So far all has been going well with the pregnancy. No morning sickness, no real symptoms and overall feeling great. We couldn’t be more excited about her arrival!
A quick recap for anyone who missed JC’s podcast and our last update…
To be open, JC and I have been ready to start a family for sometime now. We began the adoption process with Uganda well over two years ago. When we realized that Uganda was not going to be an option, due to things beyond our control, we prayed, fasted and then opened our adoption process to include domestic adoption as well. Shortly after opening the door to domestic adoption we were matched with a beautiful birth mom. We fell in love with her and her coming little girl that we planned would be part of our forever family. In January 2014, we went to the hospital, spent 3 days loving on our sweet girl and finally brought her home. The next morning, instead of the birth mom signing the final paperwork – she called and informed us she had changed her mind. She decided to raise her daughter, and that she would be coming that afternoon to take her back. We were crushed. Soon after, we decided to open the door to biological children, something we’ve also always hoped would be part of our family.
So that is where we are. Our hearts are beyond excited about our coming little one, while also remaining committed to adoption. Please pray for our pregnancy and for our future child that we believe will enter our family through adoption – perhaps sooner rather than later. :)
Here are a few pictures we sent to family when announcing our news…
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4 Responses to We have exciting news, and it’s long overdue. We are expecting!

  1. joanns kindle says:

    As the great grandparents, we are more than excited. Love you guys

  2. Kathleen Brandt says:

    Congratulations! You will be awesome parents!

  3. Julie Long says:

    Leslie and JC, so excited for you. You will be fantastic parents. Congratulations!
    Julie and David Long

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