About Us

Hello! Leslie and JC here. We are so excited to be bloggers (JC is a pro at this, but Leslie is still learning). We met at University of the Pacific in 2004 when Leslie was a freshman in college and JC was beginning his junior year. We began dating and the rest is history! JC proposed in 2008 and we were married on September 5, 2009. For the past three years we have been enjoying each other and married life. We have an adorable puppy named Penny and are beyond excited about growing our family through adoption! Thanks for reading!

6 Responses to About Us

  1. misty says:

    How wonderful and wise of you to choose adoption. I was adopted 48 years ago and I love my parents dearly. I gave birth to my two children and I love them dearly. I can tell you this…. I do not feel “more” related to my kids than I do to my parents. The miracle of pregnancy & birth are amazing but not more so than the timing and details of an adoption. Bless you now and throughout the years as you bring each of your children home!!!

  2. Wow, what an amazing testimony! Thank you Misty, we needed to hear that!

  3. Susie Smith says:

    Hi JC and Leslie,
    We just received notification that our care order has gone through for our adoption in Uganda and I am tooling around the internet trying to find any info I can on folks who have adopted in Uganda. I stumbled across your blog and I wanted to encourage you and send you a contact that you could pursue. My husband lived there after college and one of his Ugandan friends (Caleb) started an orphanage. We are planning to adopt from his orphanage and we are pursuing this independently. My husband was just in Kampala in November to meet some little people, deliver our dossier, and hopefully move this slow process along. I know there are kids in Caleb’s orphanage that need loving parents. Here is Caleb Rukundo’s email: amahorocaleb@yahoo.com I know the two of you have been praying and I know it can feel exhausting and defeating at times in this process. Caleb is a solid, Godly man who longs to get these children into good homes. We would love to help you in anyway that we can, as well.

  4. jillhartwick says:

    Who is your agency??

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